What Is Hicalc

Online create program with a user-friendly interface to calulate and share with other people, and also offer online math expression calculator.

Why Need Hicalc

For User:

  • Find programs in public library and only input parameters in a intuitive interface to get result.
  • Or enter your math expression in Expression Calculation , the system can calculate it immediately, you can use arithmetic, logic, bitwise and relation operations in your expressions.
  • If you can't find program you need, you can publish project and require help.

For Programmer:

  • You can online create program with almost all C# 4.0 syntax. It's easy, no software installation needed! Any programmer who uses Jave, C, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Basic, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Pascal, or Ruby can create program using our system in 10 minutes, and our system can render your program with user-friendly interface. Watch a demo video.
  • You can make money from your program if you mark it as paid program.

Expression Calculation

Enter your math expressions in text box, each expression is in one row, click Calculate button.

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