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Hicalc is online platform to create mathematics program with a simple, intuitive interface and share them with other people.
Hicalc supports two methods, Expression Calculation and Programme Calculation. With Expression Calculation, you can calculate an expression immediately, and you can use arithmetic, logic, bitwise and relation operations in your expressions. With Programme Calculation, you can use C# 4.0 to create program and public interface to calculate.
HiCalc lets you do mathematical calculations using scripts and commands in a console-based multiple-window interface. You can either run single commands interactively or run a batch of commands from a script file. It's an ideal replacement for windows calculator which is too simple for scientists and engineers. It includes extra functions and libraries specifically designed for scientists and engineers. What's more, it's very easy to add your own functions and create your own libraries. A lot of system constants and built-in functions can also be used in the expressions. HiCalc also supports the custom variables, functions and note-line. You can use Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal numbers at the same time in the same expression. It allows you to create your own calculators and share them with your friends. At the same time it is a handy text and formula editor and a powerful scientific calculator. It works in an intuitive way and it is extremely user-friendly. For instance, all possible typing errors are easily corrected and fast recalculated. And, its working memory is like a piece of paper, which you can scroll back and forth and write your calculations just where you wish. You can also add explanatory comments to remind you what the calculations were made for. On exit all the comments and formulas are saved and when you next time open the program, it starts from the same position where it previously was. HiCalc attempts to capitalize on the cross-platform nature of web-based languages (HTML, JavaScript and SVG) to create a calculator that can be conveniently stored on a hard drive, accessed over a local or wide area network, or made available via an internet webpage. The intent is for any W3C- compliant web browser to run the program natively (without the use of third-party plug-ins). The specific functions chosen for the calculator, ranging from an expanded screen for long formulas, to least-squares regression of data sets, to function and inequality graphing, Finally, free distribution of the product is offered in the hope of serving other teachers who,like myself, have struggled to find simple, user-friendly, and yet comprehensive solutions to the computational and graphing needs of the high school science/math classroom
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